Tee Time Portal

Expand Your Reach with the Golf18 Tee Time Portal

Fill your tee sheet. Increase your revenue.

Since 2005, Golf18 has been a leader in tee time marketing programs and has sold tee times to millions of avid golfers. Golf18 is much more than a website. We provide comprehensive online marketing solutions to optimize revenue to the course.

The Golf18 Network is currently generating additional rounds for over 2,000 courses nationwide. Over 2 million golfers across the U.S. use the site to book over 100,000 rounds per week, which gives Golf18 a significant advantage over our competitor sites.

Golf18 Network Benefits

  • Greater exposure on your underutilized inventories
  • You determine your tee time prices
  • You determine what tee times you want to promote
  • You control your inventory
  • Capture email addresses and grow your database
  • Integrates with most electronic tee sheets
  • Market your tee times to our growing database of avid golfers

Golf18 Network Differentiation

  • Automated weekly emails of your posted tee times to our database
  • Secure transactions...confirms bookings with a credit card reducing cancellations
  • You control your times and prices